About Us

I Love My Shadow™

I Love My Shadow™ is a principal offering of Soulancipation Ventures™, LLC that is designed to help people uncover, illuminate, heal and integrate their “shadows”—those parts of themselves that they have disowned or disavowed. The primary goal of the teachings of I Love My Shadow™ is to help people understand that the “shadow” is not a bad thing! On the contrary, every “shadow” has a great deal of value in it, and our objective is to help people connect the “gold” within their “shadow(s)”.

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Our Logo

The logo for this site playfully depicts our shadow having the freedom to do what it wants to do, while we ourselves still seem to be stuck inside the box of our own limitations. At the same time, we seem to recognize that our shadows are only shadows because we made a decision (usually at a very young age) to push parts of ourselves aside, so the heart-shape in the logo is meant to represent our desire to lovingly reconnect with those parts of ourselves.