The Shadow. This term can sound kind of scary. Given that it suggests connection to darkness as well as to aspects of the unknown, it is no wonder! But what exactly is a shadow anyway? Well, here’s a pretty simple definition:

Any part, aspect, behavior, attribute, or characteristic of yourself that you disown, disavow, deny, hide, or repress.

Most of us are unaware of how we have “cast out” parts of ourselves in this way, and so most of our shadows are totally unconscious. However, we can all remember times in our lives when we have acted out in certain ways that we might describe as “unintentional”, “uncontrollable”, “accidental” or “uncharacteristic”—and then wondered how such powerful behaviors got the better of us in the first place! These are all examples of times when our unconscious shadows have decided to “come out and play”.

I Love My Shadow™ is all about helping people to uncover, illuminate, heal, and integrate the power of their shadows. At the same time, we do our best to demystify the notion of shadow so that the integration process becomes gradually less scary—and eventually, maybe even fun!

Welcome to the journey!